Mar 16

Show Your Style With The Crossdressers Over At Club Crossdresser!

Club Crossdresser - Crossdressing Style! Club Crossdresser - Crossdressing Style!

You know, there are probably a lot of people that would take a look at pictures like this from Club Crossdresser, and have a little chuckle to themselves. Still, to those people, I just have to say… ‘To each, their own’. Everyone has to start off somewhere, and seriously… you can’t expect everyone who enjoys crossdressing to look like a Pornstar right off the bat!

Anyway, I remember back when I was starting out and posting amateur photos of myself online… it was such fun! I can really relate to the thrill that the guys over at Club Crossdresser have seeing themselves in blog posts like this and all over the Internet. While it may not be for you, there are some guys out there who can enjoy an amateur crossdresser!

Club Crossdresser - Crossdressing Style! Club Crossdresser - Crossdressing Style!


Mar 05

Sissy Crossdressing Maid Gets Spanked At The English Mansion!

Crossdressing World presents The English Mansion!

It isn’t every day that a common maid is called upon to personally serve the Matron of the House at The English Mansion. So, when this sissy, Crossdressing Maid gets called in to serve tea, she ends up being a little bit too nervous, spilling just a little drop of hot tea onto the bed…

Of course, this English Mansion Mistress can’t have that kind of behavior, so she immediately bends her Sissy Slut over the bed and grabs the closest thing around to paddle her behind. Once it is bright red, she gives her Crossdressing Slut a little break before sending her out to try serving the tea again. I hope she does better this time around because that ass of hers can’t handle too much more!

Crossdressing World presents The English Mansion! Crossdressing World presents The English Mansion!


Feb 13

Crossdressing World Blog On Break For The 2011 Tranny Awards!

Crossdressing World Blog is going to be on break while I attend the 2011 Tranny Awards! I’ll be back in the near future with plenty of sexy and slutty Crossdressers for you to enjoy!


Feb 10

Veronica Teaches Her Crossdressing Slut To Fuck At My Sissy Boyfriend!

Crossdressing World presents Teonna and Veronica! Crossdressing World presents Teonna and Veronica!

Veronica always knew that her boyfriend was a little sissy. She was always finding her panties stretched out and her bras mangled. When he asks her to let him go ‘all the way’ with his crossdressing, she decides to let him have some fun here at My Sissy Boyfriend.

When Veronica sees him all dressed up in sexy lingerie and a dress, she can’t help but get turned on. Pretty soon she is joining into the action here at My Sissy Boyfriend, and showing her little crossdressing Slut just how a good Tranny takes a hard fucking! I’m guessing that either he will learn his lesson and never crossdress again or else he’ll be hooked for life. Which one do you think?

Crossdressing World presents Teonna and Veronica!


Feb 06

Leks Satisfies His Crossdressing Curiosity And Is Hooked At CD Fun!

Crossdressing World presents Leks At CD Fun!

Leks has always stared with wonder as he watched his girlfriend put on her makeup for a hot night out on the town. Once she leaves for a business trip, he sees the perfect opportunity to experiment a little bit with her makeup kit… Leks had better be careful though because it is going to be pretty easy for him to get hooked on crossdressing here at CD Fun!

After Leks feels what fun it is to make his face look all pretty with his girlfriend’s makeup, he decides to take things one step further. Good thing she is a stripper, which means she has plenty of wigs for Leks to try on. A bra, panties, and a skirt later, it is Leks himself that is ready to go out on the town on the hunt for cock here at CD Fun!

Crossdressing World presents Leks At CD Fun! Crossdressing World presents Leks At CD Fun!


Feb 03

Crossdressing Slut Gets A Sexy FootJob From Nylon Jane!

Crossdressing World presents Nylon Jane! Crossdressing World presents Nylon Jane!

Don’t Nylon Jane and this mature Crossdresser look so nice and cozy on the bed here? She sure picked out a nice, demure looking dress for her shoot with Jane, although I’m sure that she’s probably got something sexy on underneath!

Nylon Jane doesn’t waste any time in spreading this Crossdresser’s legs wide and sliding her stockinged feet up her legs, causing her cock to stand straight at attention. You should see the load of cum this horny Crossdresser shoots into Nylon Jane’s toes… I’ll tell you this… those stockings are going to need a good scrubbing after this scene!

Crossdressing World presents Nylon Jane!


Feb 01

Final Change Of Venue For The 2011 Tranny Awards!

An FYI for those planning on attending from Steven Grooby:

STOP PRESS: Change of venue for Tranny Awards.

Joseph’s Cafe
1775 N. Ivar
(cross street Yucca)
Hollywood, CA 90028

We’ve been forced to do a last minute change of venue for the Tranny Awards. I hope this is not inconvenient for you but I would like to explain why we’ve had to change it for the second time. After a few months of searching for venues, we narrowed it down to 4 choices in early November and set to work on those venues. We found that the venues either put too many time constraints in hosting us or wanted exorbitant bar guarantees, which were unjustified for a Sunday evening event, in February. It was plain to see that these venues weren’t too interested in accommodating our show which was surprising as they usually catered to a gay crowd.

In December we arranged a contract with El Cid, a renowned Hollywood venue and started our plans for the event. Five weeks before the event, we contacted the owners to ask some questions and were told that they’d sold the venue and it was currently under renovation but that they had a larger and more upscale venue, in which they would honor the contract, Los Globos. As the show numbers had grown, this seemed to work. The warning signs were that it took multiple phone calls and three visits to get into the venue although when we did, it seemed ideal for our purposes.

Last week, we were informed that we’d have to finish the event by eleven (despite our original contract for El Cid going much later) as they have an after hours event going on which they were unwilling to change. Although they would allow us to stay at the club, my concerns were mainly based on the safety of our guests as well as putting on an exclusive event and with less than 3 weeks to the event date we had the task of choosing a new venue.

The venue we have chosen is Joseph’s Cafe on N. Ivar in Hollywood. This was the only place we could find that was centrally based, could accommodate the guests, where we would have the place exclusively, could get a red carpet entrance and who have worked with us all week to ensure that this event would go off well. I didn’t even realize until this morning that a Tgirl event has been held there before – The Tranny Awards is not associated with that party night.

Despite the last minute changes, I think the final venue will work our better than the previous ones. We have a great MC and the DJ, Chelsea Malone is coming in from New York. We have a red carpet to be hosted by Domino Presley and we’re hoping also to live stream from the red carpet from another interviewer also (watch this space). We have a photo-booth coming in, so you can have your fun photos taken and networked out right away, VIP areas for sponsors and nominees, two bars with plenty of bartenders on, Pornstar Tweet will be tweeting the night and even some half-time entertainment. I have all the winners names and it’s going to nail biting until the end.

My apologies for the last minute changes and the seemingly lack of professionalism but even above creating a great event, the safety and respect of our guest is paramount.

Jan 30

If You’re Planning On Attending The 2011 Tranny Awards…

Just a quick note in case you haven’t noticed… I didn’t until I was checking the Tranny Awards site out to make some hotel reservations! If you are planning on attending the 2011 Tranny Awards, please note that there has been a change of venue! Turns out that so many people are RSVP’ing that the old place just wasn’t going to be big enough to hold everyone… especially with all the gorgeous Shemale Pornstars and Transsexual Models attending!

So, here is the new location, and of course, you can get full details on attending the 2011 Tranny Awards on February 19, 2012 at the site. See you there!

Los Globos Nightclub
3040 West Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Jan 23

French Maid Michelle Dominates Crossdressing Kadeem At She Sado Me!

Crossdressing World presents She Sado Me! Crossdressing World presents She Sado Me!

French Maid Michelle puts a lot of effort into looking her best for her clients so when she finds her boyfriend, Kadeem, messing up her makeup, she decides to teach him a lesson he won’t forget here at She Sado Me! After showing this Crossdressing Slut how to properly apply her makeup, Michelle finds herself so turned on by her boyfriend’s new look that she can’t help but have a little fun with him.

Usually she is the one getting her ass pinched and fondled by her horny clients but in this She Sado Me scene, she shows Kadeem just what a kinky Crossdresser like him could expect if her were down on his hands and knees scrubbing floors. Namely, big cocks being shoved into every hole he has… That’s just what happens to pretty Crossdressers like Kadeem!

Crossdressing World presents She Sado Me! Crossdressing World presents She Sado Me!


Jan 20

Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl Is An Official Tranny Awards Sponsor!

Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl is an Official Sponsor of the 2011 Tranny Awards and I’m very proud to be a part of this year’s celebration once again. Just in case anyone was wondering about why I would want to help sponsor the awards…

I really think that the Tranny Awards are important because they give recognition to those girls in the industry who work hard to provide Fans and Members with a truly unique experience. It seems that the AVN Awards are the awards that most people are really concerned about, but as those in the know realize, some of these awards in the Transsexual categories are controversial at best and downright ridiculous at worst. I like the Tranny Awards because it is run by people who really know the industry and categories are voted on by Fans and insiders from the Shemale / Transsexual niche itself. I think this makes the Tranny Awards a really unique awards show. Obviously, the PR value for my site is a large part of why I choose to sponsor the Tranny Awards year after year, but I think I would do so anyway just because it is a really unique event.

I sincerely hope that some of my Fans will be able to make it to the Tranny Awards this year in Los Angeles. I’ll be on hand and planning on staying in LA for a couple days before and after the show this year. I would really like to thank (again) all my Fans, readers of my blogs, and especially Members of Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl. It is only because of you that I’m able to help sponsor this event and continue to do what I love to do!


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